Limited Companies

Not only are there potential tax benefits to running your business as a limited company, but you have the reassurance that your personal assets will remain separate from the business itself. It can also be a good way of encouraging people to invest, as any shareholders are only exposed up to the amount they have invested, which makes it financially the safest way to invest in a business. We can advise you on what’s involved on setting up a limited company and whether it’s the best way forward for you and your business.

And if you already operate as a limited company, we can provide all the accountancy support you need to minimise your Corporation Tax liability tax liabilities, and benefit from the regular, well-organised and clear financial information you need for better management.

Here’s what we can offer your business:

  • New Limited Company formation to your specific requirements and all done within one working day


  • Preparation of accounts and Corporation Tax Return for electronic filing at Companies House


  • Preparation of annual Directors’ Tax Returns and advice on your likely future tax liabilities


  • Preparation and explanation of monthly or quarterly management accounts, so you have a full understanding of your business position


  • Advice on how best to keep your records so they meet HMRC guidelines and accurately reflect your revenue and expenditure for the year


  • Ongoing tax advice to minimise your liabilities each year


  • Assess the benefits of VAT registration if you’re not already registered, or help with filing your returns if you are


  • If you employ staff, we offer guidance, advice and training on PAYE or we can calculate and manage your payroll, including filing your P35 Year End Return, for a fixed annual price

So call us on 01584 811686 and make an appointment to discover how we can provide your new or existing limited company with the tax and financial support for continued business success.

Tax Point

Download a Mileage Claim Form in Excel spreadsheet format

The chore of payroll record-keeping is made much easier using appropriate software, such as Sage, which we as specialist suppliers can offer to our clients at discounted rates.